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I think this is interesting, but I’m not sure if crossposting it to #events #growth and #community-development is necessary

Daniel Slutsky16:08:30

Thanks, @U0N9SJHCH. Could you tell me for which of these it would be irrelevant?


I always thought that #community-development is meta-topics around this Slack workspace, but I’m not an authority on that 🙂

Daniel Slutsky16:08:48

Oh, thanks for clarifying, my mistake. Then to be safe, I'll remove the message here.


#community-development is somewhat loose in topic, but yeah, I'd say @U0N9SJHCH’s pretty much got it right. Seems like an optimal fit for #events, & #growth seems reasonable too. Might also be worth putting in #data-science.


@U066L8B18 I see it's Zulip-centric, but do also feel free to create a #jointprob channel here.