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In #growth there is around that a lot of the content in #beginners (and other channels) are not easily consumed via search engines and such. It is very good for asking and answering, so I really want to promote that users continue to ask here, and would want to both eat the cake and have it. So here's an idea: We make it easier to copy content from slack to . I think it needs very good curation, so am thinking three components would help: 1. A way to mark content as Q&amp;A material 2. A way to quickly search for this content 3. A way to get the content as markdown and edit it to prepare it for the Ask site Thinking that 1 could be some special purpose emoji reactions that we slap on post when we think they should be considered. And 2 could be some API end point we add to, as could 3 as well. We could maybe build a client using #cljfx that uses the end points. WDYT?

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Are the slack chats available somewhere? I know you can get them from zulip, but I think that doesn't tell you which messages are in threads.


The Clojurians Log has them: Which is what I am forgetting to mention in the post. I'll edit that...


At least, not the datafied version


(I'm not saying they should be.)