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Gleb Eliseev13:02:58

Hello! I am Gleb Eliseev, a member of the Freshcode team. We are developing an open source content curation platform designed for use in the Clojure ecosystem to easily and quickly find best practices for newcomers and developers who start their first pet project and are not active community members ( ). One of the main parts of our platform is the library ranking system. To build this ranking system, we need access to search for messages in the Clojurians Slack archive. We would like to access the archive database. (If required, we are ready to create an API for the clojurians-log/clojurians-log-v2 project.)

oxalorg (Mitesh)13:02:15

Hey all! Gleb had DM'd me regarding this and we thought it's best to discuss this in public. Since I/we (at LambdaIsland) are only maintaining the code (v1 and v2) which hosts the logs, we don't really "own" this user data. Hence I felt this is not my call to make and thus I leave it to the clojurians admins! If the clojurians admins decide this is something which should be allowed / a part of the v2, I'd be happy to look into it together with team to make it more robust/secure/ even anonymised if need be!

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Thanks @U013MQC5YKD! The admins will discuss it today & get back to y'all.