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Lukas Domagala11:01:01

@seancorfield it works, thank you. Now I’m trying to move more into zulip, so seeing all the slack convos in zulip is helpful. But now that I’m using it I see that it’s hard to follow the flattened threads. Would it be possible to have a zulip stream for each slack channel, named “[slack]slack-name” or similar, and have topics be the slack threads?


@U02EMBDU2JU I considered something like that when setting this up - but ultimately decided against this as it would be much more hassle. I think adding a thread-unique Zulip search-link to all messages of a thread could work. Filed as Thanks for bringing it up!

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Lukas Domagala17:01:28

I like the solution. If this is less work I’d be super happy with it.


Deleted and deactivated user. Thansk @steffan


@U11BV7MTK You probably should delete my message above too to stop spam propagation?


I deleted the preview and the source message is no longer there


I’ll let you delete your message if you like. Up to you


Ah, I just noticed there's an option to delete my message. I've used Slack before, honest! 😆


...and it's gone 💥

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