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Vincent No16:10:54

Hello Clojure friends, I’ve tried to sign up but I had to get invited. 🤷 Been suggested to flag it in here

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Not sure what happened for you but we've seen a steady stream of self-signup members today so the machinery is working. When you went to to sign up, what happened? You should have been redirected to Slack itself, and you should see a page like this if you're not already signed into Clojurians:


Then you should be able to select Continue with Email and signup.


(but we have no control over Slack's UI there)

Vincent No17:10:42

Yes I’ve clicked on “Continue with Google” and it said something along the lines of “there is no account on that email” Perhaps it’s because it’s the first channel I joined with this email? Anyhow, no biggie must have been something related to my account...


You can't use Google or Apple, only Continue with Email -- even if your email is Google or Apple.


It's an unfortunate quirk of the Slack signup machinery, I'm afraid.

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it looks like the invite sites might be down