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Getting some DM spam from user “innako”


Not sure it constitutes spam. Kind of “selly”, I agree, but maybe it is an honest ask for your input? Anyone else knows anything about Freshcode?


i think unsolicited dms are prohibited? I don't think it matters the content


Unsolicited and about commercial ventures, was last thing I saw. I often receive DMs out of the air. Most often it is totally OK. I sometimes contact people via DM about things as well. Hopefully it has never come across as spam. But I really think we should be able to contact each other via DM w/o some “permission”, doesn’t that make sense?


yeah that makes sense. good point


The periodic announcement we've been using has been "unsolicited direct messages for any commercial purpose are not allowed and anyone receiving them should bring them to the attention of the Admins" (I think it's been reworded slightly since then, but effectively the same).


I can see why it felt, spammy, @cjsauer. And that kind of recruitment should probably instead be posted in public channels and people can opt-in. But giving it the benefit of a doubt, it might also be that they are very picky with who they want to get input from and then DM makes sense…


Strikes me as more phish-y than spammy. But then I’m paranoid. (But am I paranoid enough?)

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Freshcode reached out weeks ago asking for people to participate in a survey about clojure


They published their findings, and related articles here:


Ok, then that makes it sound a lot less suspicious.


(in my mind)


my feelings, is that they are trying to establish themselves more to market, and thus, by taking an approach of raising their profile and suchlike, they are trying to become bigger players


their means to do that, well, can be a bit "selly" as mentione above 🙂


Okay, I wasn’t sure. Figure I’d error on the side of caution.

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Bringing it up here also has the advantage that if someone has been DMing hundreds of people, that'll quickly become clear 🙂


I'm sorry if my message looks like spam for you, but it is not so. Our team is really trying to find some ideas for open-source projects based on the company resources. We want to develop something that will really solve the community's problem and we don't want to do it just through the motions. That's why we decided to interview Clojure devs to more clearly understand the state of the community, what tools are missing in Clojure, what is the biggest challenges for devs who want to switch to Clojure from other languages, etc. We've already had about 10 interviews with Clojure devs from different parts of the world and, in our opinion, this was the greatest exchange of experience and qualifications we have ever had.

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I understand your complaints, especially now in the time when recruitment managers are trying to actively hunt devs with high qualifications. That's why I just had an idea. If you're open to discussion and it's interesting for you to share your experience and help us to validate our ideas, put clj or under this message. And I will contact you directly. Hope this will help to avoid unsolicited dms :)

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I think your mission is a good one, I’d just prefer it to be placed in the public forums where others can take part. That way we all benefit from it. Follow up discussions in DMs from there are totally appropriate in my opinion.


this is a great idea! thank you. I think we will try to make an open forum or meet up soon.

Vincent Cantin18:04:31

I am looking forward to heard about your findings during those interviews. 👀


It seems I'm seeing "people joining" notifications again?


Turning them off in the management console disables them for “most” but not all channels, as I recall.


Let me pull up the wording they give…


“Note: You’ll always see these messages in some cases — such as in small channels, private channels, and when a person joins a channel by invitation.”


#podcasts is new and small so you’ll see join messages until it is “bigger”, whatever Slack thinks that is…