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An update on the issue: it should be working again. Temporarily, it is redirecting to a new (temporary) domain that the Admin team have control over and that (temporary) domain is redirecting to the long-lived invite link -- which should not expire but has "only" 2,000 signups allowed. We are in the process of transferring under the Admin team's control and then we'll have it redirect directly to the long-lived invite link. We created a "group" email address to own Clojurians infrastructure that all the Admins have access to and we will ensure, going forward, that any and all additional infrastructure will be associated with that email so that any of the Admin team should be able to manage things and we'll have no more "bus" factor problems. Big shout out to @dpsutton for leading that charge and working with the former owner of the domain. This is still a work in progress -- I'd hoped to be able to make a final and definitive announcement about it today but the domain transfer is taking its time. Once we have this completed, we'll make a broader announcement about it and try to ensure all references to joining this Slack are updated.

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Thank you so much @dpsutton and @U04V70XH6 and all the other admins. I know this has been very frustrating but great to see that there's light at the end of the tunnel 🙏:skin-tone-2: