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Fwiw, I think slack now has a way to have a hosted signup form. should probably be shut down and set up as a redirect to our signup link. The api for the signup form is going away soon, unless you're on the enterprise plan. It was supposed to be going away around about now, but it's been punted a little longer.


@dominicm Good to know. I wonder if the "hosted signup form" is part of the free plan?


Hmm, I can't find anything about that in the settings...


If you can find any information about that, please post it here. I think you can only enable self-signup directly on Slack for "corporate" email accounts (the form in settings that lets you specify domains disallows and other common domains).


I will find out :)

dominicm08:09:55 @seancorfield you're looking for share an invite link. Slackin is going to break (details above, and a screenshot for where it is)


I've redirected to an invite link for now, until we figure out the best move forward. However it is not without limitations, the link expires after 30 days and only supports 2000 signups.


> It's possible ! I needed to deactive the link. Create a new one with a CUSTOM expire date and you can select never expire. So it's working with never expire. Apparently it can be overcome