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what's the point of pinging me? might have been funny once, now you're just interrupting me


thought you were the moderator of that channel. sorry, won't do it again then

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I guess there's an #events channel for that which people may not be aware of


They will be now 🙂 I replied in a thread, pointing at #events then shared that message there and deleted it from #announcements

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Is it possible to change the name of announcements to library-announcements or project-announcements ?? Might help avoid some confusion. We get a fair amount of new people joining, so imagine it will be an on-going occurance given the general name of announcments


It is possible yes, but Slack sort of discourages renaming a really widely used channel... and there are some things that still belong in #announcements that aren't "just" library or project things so I don't want to completely curtail that (just discourage things that belong elsewhere).


@jr0cket New members are automatically subscribed to #announcements #news-and-articles #events (and #beginners #clojure #off-topic and #slack-help ) so it's not like they aren't exposed to the three relevant places from the get-go -- and those channels (should) all have topics that indicate what they are for...

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#clojure 's topic is vague but the others are pretty clear (someone overwrote #events , it seems, so I fixed that)