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Yup, we're working on that and coming back ๐Ÿ™‚ and we're still logging. Hang in there!

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A few volunteers are rebuilding the infrastructure using Terraform/Ansible, progress here: we're getting pretty close, but people do this when they have time which tends to be a few hours on weekends, so... it'll be ready when it's ready.


That's awesome news. Thanks for the update @plexus ๐Ÿ‘


Special thanks to @dorab and @rahul080327!

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I was checking whether Clojurians Slack had a channel related to the Atom editor, and found one called #atom that I'm not sure is relevant. When I go to that channel in Slack (web browser interface), it says that it is archived. I am not familiar with that term for Slack. Is it roughly "no longer a channel anyone should use"?


Looks like I guessed pretty close. According to Slack docs: "The channel isnโ€™t open for new activity, but the history is retained"


Of course I realize the history here is about 10K messages total across all channels, so unsurprising there is nothing to view in the history


Use #chlorine for Chlorine questions and #protorepl for ProtoREPL questions.


To avoid confusion, I have deleted the #atom channel (it was archived ages ago -- it was created by mistake).


Our policy is generally to archive "bad" channels first, after posting a message indicating why it is being archived and where folks should go instead, then after a few days, we usually remember to go back and delete the channel. But sometimes we forget.