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(I suspect you won't get much feedback until everyone's back at work tomorrow @jayzawrotny)

eccentric J03:03:31

Ah right, just wanted to make it clear that I can be talked out of building this. If people are not about it conceptually I would rather refocus the energy into a more helpful direction :thumbsup:


Hey, you got my vote. As one of the Admins, I'd love to see some automated moderation system.

metal 5
eccentric J04:03:44

And the phases, the information and flow makes sense?


Hah, I have no idea. I haven't even looked.


I will look tomorrow, when I'm at work.


Although I'm migrating 17 web sites tomorrow...

eccentric J06:03:55

Hah sounds like a hefty task. Migrating what to where?


From our second gen platform (OO CFML) to our third gen platform (React.js on the front, Clojure on the back).


This is the last big migration. We have a few small ones to do later this week. Then I can delete 25,000 lines of CFML 🙂

eccentric J06:03:12

Wow massive! Well good luck with that.


So is that the final end of CFML within Work Singles @U04V70XH6?


Almost. We have two small apps left after this. But they are both scheduled for replacement (with Clojure) this year.