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Hello! We (@dominicm ,@andy.fingerhut and author) started something new: It’s an opensource chat-platform with searchable history that uses topics for focussed discussions. We think it can be a good addition to the ‘chat-toolbox’ alongside Slack. While Clojurians-Slack is really popular, we think that it’s not a good place to host smaller communities within the Clojure communities (eg local user groups and smaller open source projects)[^1]. Messages being deleted within a week, and hence, most smaller channels looking deserted is one of the main reasons we think. We’d like your feedback on this! And how you think we might get this subcommunities ‘back’ within the community. Please join us in discussing this further on [^1] Some stats: of the 65 slack-channels that could be associated with local groups (`clojure-*` channels), there are only roughly a dozen that one could call active.


The large slack-channels show great stats. Here #beginners and #clojure:


#clojure (shown are total messages per month)


(are the graphs visible to others? I got a slackbot message: Unfortunately your workspace doesn't have any storage space left.)


…activity on channels from usergroups are struggling to keep the conversation going:


in terms of number of subscribers both clojure-berlin and clojure-russia are among the more popular local-group-channels (resp 162 and 555 subscribers)


Graphs are visible here.

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@U04V6FEES Is this zulip community hosted in the cloud or is it an on-premise version? I'm wondering if it will solve the issue of messages disappearing because of the 10k limit.


….this means we have the standard plan for free

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@U04V6FEES that’s awesome. I’ll check it out. Thanks for taking the time to look into this and set it up