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is there a resource that lets you pay attention to all the various places in which clojure is discussed? e.g. reddit, clojureverse, stackoverflow, mailing lists. i was wondering if there is some kind of slack bot thingy that could dump notifications into a channel


I don't know of anywhere that compiles all the content, however, the REPL newsletter: does a great job of providing a weekly curated list of what's happening in Clojure and pulls from the different communities. Probably not exactly what you're asking for, but I find it really useful.


Oh that’s very nice. I didn’t know about that. I still think it’d be cool to have a real time slack channel or web feed but this is almost good enough.

Drew Verlee19:03:51

@lee.justin.m in some ways its better, if you trust him to filter the information for you. A collection of everything clojure related would be somewhat noisy 🙂


@drewverlee true but I would like to skim the chatter on reddit and other places and slack makes it easy to do that without having to file away a bunch of emails and whatnot. still this newsletter is valuable in its own right


@lee.justin.m There's also Eric Normand's newsletter which often has links to fascinating articles/videos (not always Clojure but related) /cc @drewverlee


I follow both, and you get a great spread of articles and talks between the two. Oftentimes The REPL will reference topics of interest in other communities.

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I also follow both but I particularly like the REPL, Daniel does a great job with it.


I love the way The REPL has some persistent topic sections from week-to-week that lead to some really interesting articles...


@lee.justin.m I don't usually look at StackOverflow unless I see a particularly notable answer, but I cover the rest of those places when I compile The REPL


@danielcompton thanks for the great resource! i setup a SO mailing alert so this is probably a good enough solution


Yeah SO can be pretty noisy, so I usually let people follow that themselves if they want


I’ve personally found the Clojure SO tag to be pretty low value. Most of the interesting stuff seems to come from blogs or twitter.

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Quora also has some interesting stuff but those aren't "public" (not like having to create a Quora account to read answers is a big barrier, but still...).


(and @arrdem’s point about SO also applies to some amount of Quora content too)


I need to write a browser plugin to kill Quora’s login blocker.


Quora is the worst.

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You get better eg more essay style answers there than on SO and typically from people with a broader view but it’s much less accessible. They try really hard to get you sucked into their … space.


At least on SO of Medium you can read and leave as you please.


I wanted to pay attention to SO because I want more JS devs to use cljs. Unanswered SO questions seem like a bad signal.