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@dominicm @seancorfield I don’t think that’s right about the client. From their FAQ: > Can I connect to irccloud with my normal IRC client, like a typical bouncer? > Nope, this isn’t supported right now. Maybe in future, but we are focusing on building a great web interface first.


So using your IRCCloud account you can connect to Slack, but you can only use it from either their website or their mobile apps, no desktop apps.


If we have some spare app integrations available it still seems like a useful thing to enable.


I assume their comment about IRC v3 was that they were able to emulate Slack’s functionality using their existing support for v3, not that you can use a v3 client to connect.


No idea. If there are requests to add such an integration, I would expect we'll allow it (even if we have to remove some other integrations in order to fit it in -- some people got in before locked down integrations and there are some fairly spurious apps registered right now). ¯\(ツ)


Ok - how would I go about requesting that, is there an official channel to do so?


I dunno. Slack users ask for tokens and apps to be added all the time but I've only ever looked at the admin UI. Guess there's ways to ask from the member UI.


Oh, you mean if I try to add the app then the admins will see a request?


That makes sense, I thought I had to request the admins to add it.


It's pretty much all self-service. We approve all test API tokens but we deny most app integrations at this point.


I'll have a chat with the other admins and see a) how many slots we have spare and b) if we can chop some old, unused apps...


Thanks, I appreciate it.