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hmm, does anyone know about logbot? The chat log index created by it seems outdated


yeah, looks like it broke on october 21


while at it, did quick search for Slack alternatives, has anyone experience with


don't know if wishing helps though


@viesti Unless someone is willing to host a chat service indefinitely, we would need to use an already hosted service. Hosting a chat service for nearly 12,000 people with indefinite storage is a Big Deal(tm), so it isn't likely to happen. There have been long long discussions about hosted alternatives to Slack. There's a Clojure Discord setup, there's a Clojure Riot/Matrix setup, but very few folks use them -- they prefer Slack, even with the lack of searchable history.


Slack is friendly and is being advertised


so tricky


but thinking that we're not the only community thinking about this


Yes, it's a question that every large community on Slack wrestles with. The Kotlin Slack is even larger than the Clojure one, BTW.


thank you again for explaining the situation :)


@viesti Have a read through the hackpad stuff (linked in the topic and channel details here) for some more background on these discussions.


Personally I greatly prefer forums, so I’m excited to see what’s happening at


for people who used to get in trouble in IRC for not searching for the question before asking it, slack's lack of searchability is nice 😆


I just went back and checked the Clojurians Discord -- still just 32 people there. The Riot/Matrix one is harder to estimate since it bridges IRC (but the traffic is nearly all IRC).


Ye Clj Discord has few active users but not much is happening there usually people from there come here. Inertia is tricky thing i dont think Clj Slack is going anywhere unless something Major happens. Alternatives are there and they are up and running, if there is need for them people will look them up


I've been thinking, partially sparked by an exchange in #clojure this morning, that it could be useful in terms of community development to start copying common (or otherwise interesting) questions and answers to either the Clojurians Discord or StackOverflow. Of course we'd have to take care not to duplicate anything that's already there. But once it's there, it can be an enduring reference. Next time somebody asks such a question, somebody who remembers can post the link. This would enrich the other communities as well, and maybe contribute toward critical mass on Discord. (Side benefit: looking better in the next language study StackOverflow does.) Unless somebody can think of why this might be a bad idea, I might start doing that, as time permits and as the opportunity presents itself. I welcome others to do the same.