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fyi I tried to upload a screenshot & Slackbot says: “Your file was uploaded — it’s safe and sound in Slack. Unfortunately your workspace doesn’t have any storage space left…”


Yup, it's been doing that for a while. It would be nice if folks would go through their old uploaded files and remove them but it's going to keep coming back.


I wonder if any other communities have developed a script for deleting old files or something


Admins can browse all (public) files on the Slack and delete old ones (but even when messages become unreachable due to the 10,000 limit -- and we run at about 14,000 messages a week here -- all those files are still accessible via the file menu I believe).


Yes, I was in a medium sized Slack community that deleted old files via the API regularly.


I just deleted the handful of files I own that were older than about 6 weeks. Since the chat transcripts themselves are truncated aggressively, it seems more than reasonable to expect the uploaded files would be truncated too… If I ever needed to share data with a longer duration, I would most likely put it in github or pastebin


Thanks for clarifying.


@gonewest818 Note that all messages for all of time are stored, they're just not visible or searchable. It's the same with files: they're all stored for all of time (but they are still browsable by each member who posted them).


Oh, the freemium upgrade grants you access to the rest of your history. Makes sense.