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Been trying out Discord and Riot apps on Mac, Windows, and iOS. Discord is far slicker as a UX than Riot. Hard to tell whether either is more discoverable than the other: I followed a link to get a Discord invite and it seems to be a dedicated Clojure space ("server") but it didn't work the first time because I didn't have the app installed and someone else had to give me a different link to the web version; I don't remember how I originally got invited into the Clojure Matrix space (and the client options for Matrix are overwhelming).


@seancorfield Yes, I think Discord is more or less as polished as Slack


It’s missing a few options, and the channel management is potentially a problem - all channels are visible all the time.


Reactiflux has 53 channels last I looked, but we have more than that. How many of those are active and would require replacing is another question.


I don’t think Riot is an option if we’re going to consider migrating the community. If we’re just going to leave it to people to figure out where they want to be then it’s an option they could consider.


Yeah, not sure Discord had hundreds of channels in mind.


When @martinklepsch spoke to the Riot devs, they were open to adding a Clojurians filter to aid discoverability


Yeah, I think discoverability is a solvable issue (in various different ways) but also agree that Riot lacks the polish commercial alternatives like Discord and Slack have


Riot/Matrix looks very clunky next to Discord and Slack. It also seems to have next to nothing in terms of admin/moderation — but that may just be unfamiliarity. It doesn’t look like it would easily support “hundreds” of channels either… @martinklepsch ?