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Re: moderation, @plexus and I did a bit of testing of Matrix/Riot’s moderation features and they seemed pretty complete


Discord does have pretty severe UX issues; placement of things isn't intuitive to a newcomer at all. Might hamper adoption or turn some folks away if they feel it's cluttered or not easy enough to find the right commands or options.


My 2c the small UX differences will be repaid in full by persistent history


@U0C8489U6 for you perhaps, but not for others. Please try to remember the trade-offs are very subjective and the people calling for "something other than Slack" are a very tiny minority in this (nearly 10,000 strong) community. Over 9,000 people like Slack enough not to complain or push for an alternative. Seriously. Please bear that in mind.


Yes while I agree with you, I am also thinking that some are just "following". An idea would be to send out a survey maybe?


Feel free to draft a survey and have folks here review it. Just remember that you can get almost any result you want from a survey, based on how you design the survey -- I could craft a version of this survey that would have people overwhelmingly "vote" to stay here. Also bear in mind that surveys tend to be answered primarily by those who "care" so the vast majority who are "happy with the status quo" probably wouldn't bother to fill it in ("followers" don't care, by definition), so you'd be most likely to get the vocal crowd of Slack-haters responding anyway -- which makes the survey useless.


That is a very good point, just wanted to help in some way 😀 i am also assuming that history is important, but maybe for folks it is not.


If you invite @U055W814A into a channel, you have history 😈


Until Slack catches us doing that, of course 🙂


And the history in the archive site is pretty hard to use.


It’s actually probably lack of history in DMs that hurts me the most.


Perhaps I should just set up my own Slack for Cursive support, since I’m not really bothered by any of the other aspects of Slack that worry others.


It’s a pain though.


Doesn’t solve the DM problem - but this looks interesting - and is free for communities :


@U0567Q30W I would think the volume for just Cursive support alone would be sufficiently lower that you'd have a lot less problems with the 10,000 message limit in a dedicated Slack?


@U04V70XH6 Yes, it wouldn’t be a problem there. The only issue is discoverability - it’s much easier being integrated with Clojurians.