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I just want to quickly say that we’re at almost 9,000 users (most of whom probably aren’t active) and Slack still hasn’t cut us off. If I remember correctly, there was another coding community that got the axe when they reached, what was it?, 7,000? Maybe 8,000? Has anyone heard from Slack? Is there any open dialogue to be had there?


Also, interestingly, I just noticed that the username is gone from the person who created this channel and #admin-announcements. Did jedi quit? Who are the admins now? Just curious.


Admins are @seancorfield, @robert-stuttaford, @martinklepsch and me (there’s a link to the Clojurians Code of Conduct in #admin-announcements description - it lists the admins)


Thanks, Anna! I’ve been kind of inactive here over the past few months so I was just catching up really.


Weeeeeeird. It changed. It used to say ‘unknown’. Possibly a Slack bug.


Maybe extra room-metadata that is loaded on-demand and wasn’t loaded yet