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I've heard it mention before that logging is not allowed, but tried to search their ToS and didn't find anything related. Just searched for keywords though (log, archive, bot), didn't actually read the whole thing. If anyone knows more I'd appreciate the pointer as I'm currently maintaining/running that bot.


I added a "requirements" section to , anything vital that's missing from the list?


- Free for users - Slick, fast, easy to use - Quality apps for Web, Desktop, Android, iOS - Good Admin / Moderator Features - Discoverability of Channels - Be actively developed / Supported


@seancorfield you have experience with being an admin here, what are the main admin/moderator features you need?


hey folks, #braid-chat is still alive, I've been terrible at communicating here, sorry about that; the app has been moving forward and we have a number of teams using it (and a 3000-user group coming online soon) IMO, the model could work for large groups like Clojurians