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@seancorfield i agree with the rename of #announce-to-everyone , but I suggest you rename it to something admin-specific. If you name it #lobby, it reads as free-for-all. Maybe #admin-announcement would send a clearer signal.


Good input. Naming is hard.


At least if you do it right once, you don’t have to deal with cache invalidation.


@seancorfield: For the new announcements channel, is it going to be acceptable to have follow up conversations there as well? It would be really nice to get rid of the need for anyone to police it.


If it’s admin-only, I expect only admins will have write-rights. Otherwise we’re back to conventions and expecting people to respect them. Might as well keep it as is.


@shaun-mahood I suspect we won’t police follow-ups at all since it will be possible to opt out of the channel if you don’t like the noise 🙂 That’s kind of the point of making this switch. I suspect that folks indulging in extended discussion in the #announcements channel will be asked to take it somewhere more appropriate if it annoys people.


Admins can’t switch #announce-to-everyone to admin-only, only an Owner can do that and the two Slack Owners are not currently online to do that (we had the discussion, we agreed on the path of action, we announced the intent, we’ll close the loop "soon").


As @ricardo suggested we only want to rename it once so we’ll do that when we make it admin-only (and so we’re open to naming suggestions until that point 🙂 )


I like #admin-announcements to go with my green bikeshed.


@shaun-mahood I object to your coloring preferences!