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I created a Discord instance for clojurians - it’s much like slack. Here’s an invite to the #C0CB40N8K text channel… Not too sure how permissions will work to other channels etc… might just have to open it to the world for proof of concept. I gave manage channel permissions to everyone for now so you can add channels.


Thanks @michaellopez ! Doesn’t look anywhere near as customizable as Slack — does it have any integrations? e.g., can we get GitHub commit streams into channels there?


@seancorfield: looks like there is an API and bots so it could be written... Looking through Reactiflux’s discord server looks like most people just link to github issues/commits/whatnot. Here was a review of chat apps reactiflux found useful Slack is cool and good it just seems this community has outgrown it so the challenge is to find the 2nd to best next thing?


Indeed, and that’s what a lot of the discussions have been here since January...


Discord and Gitter seem to be, overall, the best possible alternatives but the question is whether they’ll be good enough for folks to want to migrate… and then there’s the issue of "Yet Another Chat Client" which is discouraging for a lot of people.


None of that is insurmountable but all things to consider.


I have to use Slack for work (as many people do, these days) and I "have" to use Gitter for a number of OSS projects. I wouldn’t be thrilled about having to run another separate app on my Mac desktop, iPhone, and Windows 10 laptop just to monitor the Clojure community (the web app doesn’t cut it for me at all). But we may be forced to 🙂