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Man, I thought was a mature place until I found a typeclass dilettante.


The man claims to know what typeclass is and conflate typeclass with typeclass instances.


I was talking about haskell typeclass, and it turned out the the guy used typeclass in scala


The guy is incredulous in that he thinks rich usage of class subtyping in 400k LOC java codebase can add a lot of value. Of course, one can add a lot of value with GOTO if one uses it appropriately. But, GOTO should be used rarely and sparingly if it's ever used. GOTO can easily go wrong and make it difficult to reason about code. I see the same with class subtyping.


Anyone who learned haskell typeclass would know that typeclass doesn't mix functions with data in the way class does.


A typeclass contains only an interface contract. A typeclass doesn't inherit other typeclasses but requires them. The guy is wrong in many claims.


It seems I made a mistake by engaging a low-quality guy.


I want steady online access to high-quality (technical) people. Where do I get the access? It seems a large group of random people who don't know each other doesn't work.


The reddit-type comment interface of doesn't deliver much value, either.