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cfleming 23:46:28

From HN, here’s the equivalent discussion around XMPP:

cfleming 23:48:07

I’m going to have to back out of this a bit due to family/work time constraints, but one thing I was thinking about re: matrix - I’d worry that it introduces unnecessary complexity since we don’t need decentralisation/federation for this.

cfleming 23:48:34

If that’s hidden by the standard implementations then great, if we’re implementing matrix ourselves that might be an issue.

rafd 03:24:45

@meow, @martinklepsch invite sent

meow 03:25:27


donmullen 03:55:01

@rafd - I’d appreciate an invite as well - thanks.

rafd 04:04:16

@donmullen: sent

cfleming 06:19:24

Maybe I’m a moron - how do I add a header in Hackpad?

cfleming 06:22:16

And how do I link between pages?

jaredly 17:31:00

@rafd: could I get an invite too? ty

martinklepsch 17:35:41

@rafd: where should I have received that invite btw?

meow 17:36:25

@jaredly: and you know the first thing I'm going to tell you about the system, right? that I want some repls in there

jaredly 17:36:31


jaredly 17:36:39

definitely gonna happen

meow 17:36:56

i'm gonna pin that response

meow 17:41:04

@cfleming: did you ever get answers to your questions about hackpad header and links?

jaredly 17:48:36

gah hackpad’s “I’m gonna intelligently clobber whatever you wanted to paste in” is super annoying

meow 18:21:58

is hackpad working for us or not

rafd 18:31:10

@martinklepsch: in your email (the one in your profile here)

martinklepsch 18:32:51

@rafd can you give me a keyword? can't find it....

rafd 18:36:39


jaredly 18:36:56

@rafd: I’m also not seeing it :confused:

rafd 18:37:20

check spam too?

martinklepsch 18:38:24

The bucket name parameter must be specified when uploading an object

martinklepsch 18:39:53

Now getting 401s

rafd 18:40:10


rafd 18:40:30

something around new users joining seems to occasionally kill the server :stuck_out_tongue:

martinklepsch 19:11:50

@rafd: can you send me another invitation token?

martinklepsch 19:12:01

I think first signup failed but somehow still invalidated the token?

rafd 19:13:38

sent (I hope it works, not sure if we considered this case :P)

martinklepsch 19:13:40

no hurries btw

martinklepsch 19:22:10

@rafd not seeing an invite :smile:

rafd 19:22:32

check spam?

rafd 19:23:42

let's move this conversation to PM

meow 21:30:54

@tcrawley: related to the OSS org you are talking to about help with funds management, would they be in a position to help with licencing issues?

meow 21:31:13

should those two issues be comingled

meow 21:31:30

are there other resources to help advise on licensing

tcrawley 21:32:03

it's the Software Freedom Conservancy (, and they do quite a bit with licensing stuff

tcrawley 21:32:19

what licensing issues do you have in mind?

meow 21:32:46

@rafd: can you answer that as it relates to braid?

meow 21:33:17

any chat app developed here will need to be licensed

meow 21:33:49

that license needs to be compatible with clojure license and that of any other libraries, etc

meow 21:34:09

some chat apps might be dual licensed as open and commercial

tcrawley 21:34:53

EPL and ASL are compatible with each other, and work with dual licensing. Clojure (and most clojure libs) are EPL.

tcrawley 21:35:37

anything LGPL would be fine with either of those, as would anything GPL where you were just consuming the jar I believe (aka "the classpath exception")

tcrawley 21:35:53

but maybe that only applies to LGPL libs, I'm not sure

tcrawley 21:36:15

when I have a choice, I almost always license as ASL

meow 21:36:28

right, plus ultimate answer should come from trusted authority as IANAL

tcrawley 21:37:56

we have attorneys in the community that may be willing to help: David Pollak and Larry Staton

meow 21:38:41

can you reach out to them and let them know we would gladly take help

rafd 21:40:44

discussion re: braid licensing is here:

martinklepsch 21:48:33

How do people feel about MPL? It was chosen for Lux and since then I perceive it as a good EPL alternative for clojure projects

meow 21:54:44

stallman wanted to change the world via license, I want to via the app - so I don't really care and IANAL

meow 21:55:06

and talk about the ultimate bikeshed - not what color, but what license