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That stack sounds good @mfikes. FYI might be worth checking out the Mattermost architecture, its using React on front and Go backend:


Sorry for the late reply everyone. I’ve not used Pedestal (I’ve been using Liberator on top of ring, or ring-swagger), but I've wanted to. If it supports SSE then all the better simple_smile I agree, things do need thrashing out though! I was thinking om-next + Datascript + garden for styling on the front end, core-async for a message/event bus (sente?). Indeed react native for mobile. And to use electron as a wrapper for desktop apps.


Do you think it is worth using Both reagent and Om Next, to highlight both projects? It depends where you want draw the line though, as there are a few react wrapers now


My vote is for om next - Reagent is really awesome and simple, but doesn't have the same attempt at redefining UI programming.


I'm also super in favor of datascript and garden.


what is this channel for?


@xeqi I think it is for development by the community (as opposed to development of the community). Focused on a chat system for now.


ah, I was thinking dev of the community ala running workshops, meetups, etc