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Hello, I would like you to give me feedback on a new web framework I am developing. I've posted a cut-down version for small jobs. Thanks in advance.

Eric Scott23:12:17

I think you might want to reconsider your choice of namespace, since it gives the impression that this is part of leiningen.


It's probably necessary to write some explanation of what the library does or example usage or something


It was my next goal, a little tutorial. Thanks for the advice!


@eric.d.scott That's the namespace lein new expects -- that's how you write Leiningen templates.


It is part of Leiningen in a way, because it's a template that lein new (or boot -d boot/new new or clj -A:new) know how to read and create a new project from.


And here it is on Clojars with the group ID tadam-lite and the required artifact ID lein-template


Boot templates all have an artifact ID of boot-template and will have* in their namespace name. CLI/`deps.edn` templates will all have an artifact ID of clj-template and will have* in their namespace name -- although clj -A:new can also use local templates on disk and projects in a git repo: they don't need to be published to


(Sorry, I know that's not "code review" stuff but it seemed important to point out why tadam has that namespace)