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I want to install dotnet on macos to run Clojure.Main - any hints how to start, without creating a lot of installation garbage on my system?


I've tried:

brew install --cask dotnet-sdk
and then:
dotnet tool install --global Clojure.Main


but when run it, I get:

$ Clojure.Main
You must install or update .NET to run this application.

App: /Users/borkdude/.dotnet/tools/Clojure.Main
Architecture: arm64
Framework: '', version '6.0.0' (arm64)
.NET location: /usr/local/share/dotnet

The following frameworks were found:
  7.0.3 at [/usr/local/share/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App]

Learn about framework resolution:

To install missing framework, download:


Maybe ClojureCLR doesn't work for version 7?


yes, this was it:

brew tap isen-ng/dotnet-sdk-versions
brew install --cask dotnet-sdk6-0-400
$ Clojure.Main
Clojure 1.11.0

Anders Eknert14:03:36

I’m running with dotnet 7… I’m on Clojure 1.12.0-alpha3 though… not sure if that makes the difference


ClojureCLR 1.11.0 does not have .NET 7 support. It came out just a bit too early for that. ClojureCLR 1.12.0 will support .NET 7 -- the alphas already do. Other than that, looks pretty painless. (@U03AU2X8TD5: You're taking notes?)


What's the story with libraries in the ClojureCLR ecosystem? I bet you can't use deps.edn etc right?


Not yet. Someone is working on a project to do that. And another project may be starting up soon. We'll see where they all converge. I'm hoping not too far in the future.

Anders Eknert15:03:53

I am taking notes @U45FQSBF1!

Anders Eknert15:03:58

Yeah dependency management is really the big blocker right now, IMHO. ClojureCLR itself works great.


Any ideas why this isn't returning anything?

user=> System.Threading.ThreadLocal
Syntax error (TypeNotFoundException) compiling at (REPL:0:0).
Unable to find type: System.Threading.ThreadLocal


Generic type. Always a problem. The official name of the type System.Threading.ThreadLocal1` You have to use |-quoting to specify the name.

user=> |System.Threading.ThreadLocal`1|
Something I hope to have a better solution eventually. (I didn't solve it already because I didn't want to just make something up without some user feedback. Which requires discussions with actual users. There are two implications of that last sentence that haven't been easy to fill -- finding users and talking to them. That is improving.0 For now, the best documentation is in the wiki: Specifically: and


@U04V15CAJ While I have your attention: I've been working on porting nrepl/nrepl and it's been a real slog. @U051BLM8F suggested as a possible alternative for porting. Though I'm sure the license permits it, I always like to ask: would you mind? And: Any hints on problems I might run into? I note that a sci context is required. How tightly is that woven into the implementation?


@U45FQSBF1 I don't mind at all. The SCI context is just an implementation detail


Feel free to copy all the code you need


Thanks. Much appreciated. I'll let you know how it goes.


I asked about the ThreadLocal because I might be interested in porting SCI to the CLR since .NET now also supports AOT compiled binaries and this may be interesting to create something like #CLX41ASCS for the .NET platform

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If you have questions about the nREPL implementation, fire away


That would be cool. I won't hesitate to ask. I know where to find you. 🙂

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> What's the story with libraries in the ClojureCLR ecosystem? I know this: but not sure if ppl actually use it.


Nostrand does characterize itself as "very early, pre-alpha". Not sure of its status beyond that. I suggestion contacting the owner. There are a substantial number of libraries available. You can go to, got the repositories tab, and type 'clr' in the search box. Other than clr.nrepl, all the others are usable and in use. Anything specific you are looking for?


Well, if I would write a library for Clojure CLR I'd surely wanna know how to use my own ;)


@U04V15CAJ please call babashka for .net/windoze "dedoshka", as in deDOShka. LOL. FYI, I'm the one working on deps.edn support on the CLR; hope to have news on this front soon.

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@U2M7EC8KU Cool :) I think it would be a cross-platform thing though, not Windoze-specific, babashka also already runs on Windoze


@U04V15CAJ Yes - I use it now daily. Anything but DOS or PowerShell. LOL. Although I must say just having Clojure on .NET means I don't have to use PowerShell. :)


run dd on linux/mac and have access to an interactive clr runtime will be awesome to learn about clr


@U2J4FRT2T I call my Clojure command line interface cljr but I can rename it dd if that helps. 🙂

Anders Eknert13:03:40

dd is already a program shipped with pretty much any unix… 😅


OK, I'll stick to cljr then. 🙂

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