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Hello, friends! I just started a new job where I must use .NET, primarily with C#. Naturally, I want to use Clojure instead. I'm looking at ClojureCLR, and I'm finding it difficult to evaluate where it currently stands in the light of Microsoft's "new" .NET Core (in light of the cross-platform .NET Standard), etc. How does ClojureCLR relate to .NET Core (.NET Standard)? Is it possible to use Clojure for .NET in the same way that one can use C#, F#, C++, or Visual Basic for .NET? My apologies for these naive questions; I'm pretty new to these topics.

dangercoder14:02:18 You can use it with .NET. This example uses .net 7 🙂

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It should be pointed out that for some time now on .NET Core compiling to binary on disk has been precluded by MS changes to the Reflection.Emit functionality. So compiling DLLs is only possible on .NET Framework. @U45FQSBF1 was looking at Lokad.ILPack to provide that functionality but they are slow to put out new releases incorporating some PRs he sent them, and it looks like .NET 8 is rumored to have that functionality again. However, in practice the hit of upfront compilation is a lot less on .NET 6/7 than on previous versions of Core on account of their perf optimizations. So for long-running processes it's not a big deal.


Two more posts up on ClojureCLR.Next: I actually have code up for Range, LongRange, Repeat. PersistentVector is done (except for transience), but not completely tested. I'll be posting about that next week.


Great reads! Really insightful and I love your dry wit!


"My head hurts." <-- :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


"If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely someone who would check these things out." <-- 🍻