# clr

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hunter 19:03:39

@herbm i am actively exploring coreclr + clojure tooling ... nothing to report yet but i hope to have something soon

hunter 19:04:25

current version of coreclr works fine for clojure, you just have to wire up everything "by hand"

herbm 19:04:37

wonderful -- I am very interested and hope you will report anything no matter how preliminary if for no other reason that to stay excited and provoke interest in others (including me)

hunter 19:04:53

have you looked at Arcadia?

herbm 19:05:17

@hunter, only slightly, really doesn't qualify as looking at it

hunter 19:05:36

it's fun to play with, and they're pushing the envelope of clojure + mono

herbm 19:05:52

@hunter, I ran the clojureclr REPL for learning clojure a lot and loaded Unity to explore Arcadia --

herbm 19:06:16

Went off in various directions exploring options and have only just now started circling back

herbm 19:06:44

Clojure-Android, Clorjure cljsrn, even F#

herbm 19:07:08

(took an excellent online SML course to improve my functional programming skills)

hunter 19:07:25

@herbm if you're looking to be excited, i think this is potentially very interesting for clojure

herbm 19:07:40

designing the architecture for a major new app idea I finally have -- needs to run some component 'everywhere'

herbm 19:09:07

Hunter, yes that is exciting, along with the open sourcing of F#, PowerShell, and .NET

herbm 19:09:38

I love the idea of Clojure but haven't tied my plans to it (yet) --

herbm 19:10:44

@hunter what are your general goals or interests?