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The forcast looks quite ok. No rain. Partly cloudy. +12-13 °C

Toni Vanhala06:09:04 gives 7 to 11 degrees with slight rain in mornings. predicts 10 to 13 degrees and no rain

Toni Vanhala06:09:20

3 day prediction for Wednesday (ke), Thursday (to), and Friday (pe) from two weather services


Seems a bit chilly for beer-drinking outside


At least the beer would not get too warm then 🙂

Toni Vanhala06:09:26

As the saying goes, if there is rain, order stronger beer to enjoy at the terrace. It will get watered down to regular beer! #lifehack #finnishcustoms

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Hello I was juggling things, seeing if I’d be able to make it to the conf and I’m happy that I’m going \o/ I remember from one of the earlier discussions there was some talk about what hotel to get. But looking for it now through history, it doesn’t seem to be there… the joys of free Slack instance. So what are the hotel recommendations? Where are most of you staying? Thanks


Found it in the PDF booklet: St. George.


But it looks like that hotel is fully booked for 25th-28th. What are any other suggestions? Thanks


Honestly, I never found it so hard to book a hotel before 🙂 It seems like all the decent options up to €100-150 per night are fully booked, from the places around the venue. Then all the hostels are not available at all. Any suggestions? Anybody booked a double apartment that they want to split the costs, that is close to the venue? Thanks in advance


It’s the center of Helsinki, so stuff tends to be on the expensive side of things. Have you checked Omena Hotel?


Thanks for the suggestion, but they don’t have any rooms for 25th & 26th.

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I always try AirBnb first


I went with that, thanks. Hopefully it’ll work out 🙂

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