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Just contacted him, let’s see if he still available.


Working with the same assumption. Ticket holders and speakers will have to be contacted independently from SM via direct messages, social networks and word of mouth. All at the last minute but hopefully we’ll still had a nice event going.


- I’ve emailed Cognitect, to ask them what kind of budget they’d be willing to offer. - I’ve emailed Carwow to ask the same, as I know they are recruiting for a Clojure role and put on some tech community events Wanted to add both of those items to the Trello board, but despite being admin, I can’t seem to add a card /cc @reborg


One of the venues that was used for the previous ClojureX conf, The Crypt are asking for £1200. See: If we get the sums the potential sponsors are willing to put down we can plan better.


I’ve also asked Twillio and AppsFlyer, the companies that offered sponsorship earlier, what would be the budget they’d help out with.

Matthew Gilliard16:11:09

Hi there, we (Twilio) are able to sponsor some of this - we'd be happy to join other sponsors to make up the full amount. We'd appreciate knowing how many folks would likely be there.


Thank you @matthew613! I just heard back from Cognitect and they’d like to cover the cost of the venue!

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Matthew Gilliard16:11:40

Oh that's nice! If you get prices for food or video then let me know 😊

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Will do! And that applies to anybody, if you know of someone who is handy with a camera or a company that is cheap enough to film, please don’t be shy to share their quote here. Thanks


Hi, I have bought 3 tickets to ClojureX. If there’s any way to recover these expenses, I will be very happy to use this money to support a replacement event (my payment was approx $3000).


hey @U061C5DAA thanks for your support. I hope to see people who purchased tickets getting their money back. Have you contacted the administrator? (that seems to be the only doable thing). A group of volunteers is currently organizing a new (free) event for the 2nd, hope you can join us. The official announcement should be out soon.


Hey @reborg I wrote them e-mail. I hope to get answer. It was to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>. Do you know about better way how to contact them?

Matthew Gilliard14:11:21

The SM website has been replaced with a notice from ReSolve which includes a phone number for ticket holders:

Matthew Gilliard14:11:38

I'd be very interested to know what they say if you do phone them.