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Great to have so much discussion about what we want from ClojureX. Would love to hear more...


Just so we are all aware of the current format. 2 day event (can't change in 2019) 1 track (we can discuss more tracks, if SkillsMatter are okay using more of the venue) 30 minute sessions maximum - includes any questions. 10 minutes lighting talks (a little flexible on time, depending how many we have) 1 hour keynotes (although I think these should be reduced to 45 mins max). There are two keynotes, one starting each day. SkillsMatter keep asking for a third keynote to end the last day) A panel discussion about 45 mins, run at the end of the last day with 4 volunteers, usually speakers at the conference or well known community members.


Each of the last few years we get just about enough people to make this work. Filling the panel is usually the hardest. I didn't have a panel until about 2 hours before it was due last year.


I think that panel worked really well. I remember you asking people who want to say something to come up on the stage and I think that should be maybe encouraged.


Regarding the panel discussion, are the volunteers given time to prepare?


Assuming I can find volunteers in advance, I walk them through the process and send them any prepared questions in advance.


If speakers are a part of the volunteers, maybe that could be organized as a question to the speakers at the same time as you ask if they still want to speak?

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Volunteering for a panel seems to be quite a daunting thing for many


Along with possible topics?


I’m usually heading for the airport when it’s happening otherwise I’d be happy to be right in the middle of it. I love doing panels.


So we should move the panel or bribe you to stay longer 😁


Flight times are a pain, so it’s moving the panel or I do it from Stansted 🙂


I guess quite a few participants will be in the same situation as @jasonbell.


Also, in terms of the panel discussion being more fruitful, what if it were at the end of the first day.


Then we could continue the discussion (off the record, so to speak) for the rest of the conf?


It would be great if someone else could organise a panel. It's definitely one thing that gets a lower priority (I usually get caught up in managing the flow of the schedule, ensuring we have enough diversity that other speakers don't cancel and ensuring we have enough speakers for a full conference)


Moving the panel to the end of the first day feels right. From there it leads to conversation, debate, arguments over beers and pizza.


I'd love to be part of the panel... even if it is just to annoy @jasonbell 😉


That sort of comment would prevent you being on the panel, sorry.


@thomas I saw Slack’s status updating “Thomas is typing….” and I was thinking, “I think I know what’s coming…..” 🙂


I am soooooo predictable.


I can see people reading the questions in the questionnaire but it would be great if you could add some of your own. Or are the questions so perfect that nothing needs to be added ? 🙂 The link just in case


added a couple of Qs


@dotemacs looks good to me, I’ve not got anything else I’d want to add

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