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Rachel Westmacott10:12:21

does anyone remember seeing a function to add documentation to clojure specs at ClojureX this year - I’m trying to find it, but failing

Rachel Westmacott14:12:03

not a clojure.spec function, but one that someone had added with a library I think

Rachel Westmacott15:12:32

thanks - I had a quick look at that but couldn’t see what I was after

Rachel Westmacott16:12:22

it’s not a big issue - I’ve found a way for now - and I suspect that it might be included in spec in the future

Rachel Westmacott16:12:59

in fact what I’m actually after is a way to attach end-user readable messages in case of failure - which is a slightly different use-case

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:12:15

oh, there was something like that going by recently

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:12:47

can’t find it now, sorry