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@pupeno: how many talks have you submitted?

Pablo Fernandez07:10:05

@thomas: 2, anatomy of an SPA, and What is a macro.


ok cool. I was thinking there for a moment you would do all the talking for two days 😉

Pablo Fernandez07:10:59

@thomas: I’m also part of @agile_geek’s panel on editors, representing IntelliJ+Cursive.

Pablo Fernandez08:10:29

@thomas: I love giving presentations and I done it a bunch, so, I’m ok with it.


@pupeno: looking forward to your talks, just hoping to get mine in as well 😉

Pablo Fernandez08:10:32

I’d rather not have them one after the other as it can get insane (and doesn’t allow me to keep on going with private conversations about the presentation). Been there, done that. 😛

Pablo Fernandez08:10:37

@thomas: what’s yours about?


I submitted a talk with @malcolmsparks doing an REST api with Compojure (me) and the same with Yada (Malcolm)


kinda compare and contrast thingy

Pablo Fernandez08:10:56

Oh! I’m doing API-first development right now, so, I’m interested in seeing that. I’m using compojure-api (with swagger:


@pupeno: we should get the panel together in early November to discuss what format we want this panel to take.

Pablo Fernandez08:10:13

Sounds good to me.


@pupeno: I’ll set up a Doodle poll to pick an appropriate time (might ask Skills Matter if we can use a room)

Pablo Fernandez08:10:53

I’m happy to host for this if it’s convenient. I’m in Bayswater.


I’ll contact everyone in next day or so to organise

Pablo Fernandez08:10:09



@malcolmsparks: obviously over my head!