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Is there a way I can get log-bot to pick up things before it was added to a channel? We created a channel yesterday and collected lots of valuable input before someone with his head screwed on realized there was no log-bot there.

oxalorg (Mitesh)10:08:26

Ideally possible but not easily. It should be doable if we can manually get the data either from slack history API, or from slack export. But the format of those API's are a bit different from the RTM real time events we recieve at the moment. So that may also not work cleanly. This is a common issue which I figure should be a bit more easy to solve, so I'm trying to add this to:


I’m actually getting help from @U07FP7QJ0 with doing this. (The particular backfill, not adding it to v2 😃 )

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bananadance 3

Yup, in particular I pointed @U0ETXRFEW at our slack-backfill project, and I'll do the import once we have the data.

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