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I concur with @pez. I just wanted to add a message to saying how useful I found pesterhazy's comment and found a nice variation on:

(goog.object/getValueByKeys #js{"a" #js{"b" 123}} "a" "b")
(goog.object/getValueByKeys #js{"a" #js{"b" 123}} (.split "a.b" "."))


if you already have the string dotted form


We've started the auto-closing policy because we had discussion threads that would flame up once a year, each time people would pile on dozens of posts basically reiterating all the points already made, because nobody actually goes and re-reads the hundred of posts that came before, they just comment on the last one or two posts in the thread, and so you just get a never ending feedback loop of half-baked opinions. If a conversation has ended six months ago, then reopening it is not continuing the same conversation, it's starting a new conversation referencing the previous one, and so should be a new post/topic.


There is a cost to continuously reviving old threads, you are bumping the same content into people's faces over and over again, people have to wade through all that history again, to understand the context again, so they can make sense of whatever message was added that bumped the thread again. If you have a dozen controversial threads then they continuously dominate the top of the list, pushing all new posts down. If you want to respond to an old post then just do so by making a new one, explain what you're responding to and why, so that people have enough context to make sense of your post by itself. We backlink so people can still find your reply when looking at the original post.

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Sounds like the costs are paid anyway if a new post is made referencing the old one. Is it possible to at least remove the message?