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Not sure what’s going on, but on if you click on the < button, which links to: I get 404. Thanks

oxalorg (Mitesh)17:04:04

Just repl'd in to check whats the issue, somehow there are no messages for that day but it still shows up as a valid date. This breaks our frontend rendering.

user=> (some #{"2019-03-18"} (map first (q/channel-days (db) "datascript")))
user=> (q/channel-day-messages (db) "datascript" "2019-03-18")
As a temporary workaround you can use these dates so you can keep traversing the history 🙂
user=> (take 5 (drop-while #(not= % "2019-03-18") (map first (q/channel-days (db) "datascript"))))
("2019-03-18" "2019-02-28" "2019-02-16" "2019-02-15" "2019-02-09")

oxalorg (Mitesh)17:04:54

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll create an issue over the weekend 🙌 🙂

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