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Is it possible to use :npm-deps in src/deps.cljs to include foreign dependencies? Or do I have to vendor them myself?


Is there a good library to render clojure data structures to html? I want to create a simple embedded data inspector for my reagent forms. Search would be a huge plus.


Let me know if you run into any issues or have suggestions!

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I've been thinking about how to incorporate search, so if you have something in mind, I would be interested to hear your ideas.

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@U7RJTCH6J do you support refreshing derefs? For example, Imagine I'm viewing path [:a :d :e :g], and let's say :d is derefable. Am I able to click refresh on :d on that path, and have the data below :d get refreshed?


not currently, but that seems like a good idea


Just created a new issue for it, It's not that hard to implement, but there are few design decisions: • should values be refreshed on push/pop? • what happens if the current path no longer exists after refreshing? • what happens if the current path throws an exception on refresh? • should there be a way to selectively refresh some atoms and not others? (I'm leaning towards no, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise)

Lucas Paszinski17:08:03

Q: Does any one know any open-source project that uses a pattern like the one described in this talk? I’m new to Clojure overall and i although a really liked the concept i don’t have much of an idea of what does it look like.


Do you have a more specific description of what you mean for the pattern? Are you referring to the split between cljs and js in the project?

Lucas Paszinski21:08:39

from what i could understand. The components are react components (written in js that must work on their own) and the state-managenment/coordination is done with clojurescript.


Yea, I can't think of anyone open source projects that use that particular pattern. It is not uncommon to have some parts of an app in js and some parts in cljs. Especially if the js part is functional, it can be pretty straightforward.


Is it possible to make a JavaScript library available to ClojureScript consumers as a I had hoped to use a combination of deps.cljs and :deps/prep-lib to achieve this, but I’m struggling a bit.

Drew Verlee22:08:33

I dont' believe so. I suggest using shadow-cljs which just uses npm w/ package.json


Trying to find a solution that uses cljsbuild for now, but thanks!