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How does the node.js REPL of CLJS deal with (range) followed by ctrl-c? It's a bit hard to find where the handling of this happens


From what I understand so far, it's key to use a "vm" instance


merged a fairly big change to ClojureScript master which finally let's us upgrade Google Closure Library to the latest - the big thing is handling goog.module which Google has been migrating to over the years and finally flipped the switch on in some cases.

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to future proof - we now always load goog.module according to Google's guidelines - so there's likelihood some things are slightly different so testing ClojureScript via a git dep would be a good idea. All test pass, and canary looked ok which is a good sign. But more feedback would be good.


if everything checks out over the next week or so - this is probably what the next release will be