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anyone here using lighttable for cljs apps?


would like to know IDEs you are using for CLJS development 🙂

Asko Nōmm03:08:47

VS Code + Calva extension works really well. If you like the IntelliJ family of IDE's, is available. If minimalism is your thing then Sublime Text (With the installation) is also a possibility.

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basically whatever editor you use right now has a plugin for clojure. If you don’t have a favorite editor yet VSCode + calva is probably the easiest to get started.

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Nikhil Warke12:08:10

Emacs + Clojure LSP

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if you’re new in general, I recommend atom + chlorine. It’s simple and works very well. The biggest thing is just having an editor that easily connects to a REPL. After that, it’s mostly personal preference.

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Cursive for 3+ years now.

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emacs + cider

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@U8QBZBHGD can you send me an guide to setup clojure env in doom-emacs?


Thank you, will look into it!

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Kannan Ramamoorthy07:08:20

I'm late to the party, but would like to hear from experienced people. For people using cursive, I'm facing issue in the IDE resolving the js imports coming from package.json. i.e., When using shadow-cljs along with package.json, the code runs and works fine. But the IDE is not able to figure out the dependencies coming from package.json. (Ofcourse, shadow.cljs is also having issues, but I can workaround it with npx shadow-cljs pom .) How are you overcoming this issue?