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Idan Melamed11:01:55

Hi all, About a year ago I created this for me and my friends to share predictions foe the upcoming Euro 2020, now Euro 2021. I'd like recreating this in clojurescript. A couple of questions... From what I see Reagent and Re-Frame are kind of a consensus... I'm guessing they will be OK here. Any reason not to use them? How do I include a UI Framework?


> Any reason not to use them? Depends on you. Might be 0 or plenty. I would just go through Reagent and re-frame issue trackers and see if there's anything affecting me. > How do I include a UI Framework? Reagent has an extensive documentation and examples on the topic.

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Idan Melamed11:01:55

Thanks, I'll look it up in the docs


good morning, I set up some instrumentation for a function in a cljs-shadow-cljs using emacs. When the function is executed, I get my error in the minibuffer, but not properly formatted. I could also do cider-eval-print-last-sexp and have the result in the buffer, but again cider is not able to format if properly with cider-format-region. How do you format spec errors?


I'm using expound, doing (set! s/*explain-out* expound/printer) in one of my files, but not much seems to change


edit: it turns out that expound doesn't immediately work with shadow-cljs and I'm trying to figure why