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Mr. Savy02:12:25

hello! I'm trying to do some website stuff in clojurescript, and I have a basic CSS question. Does anyone know of any public chat for css questions specifically that I could go to so I can get additional help?


We have #css but there are not many people there. Any generic web development server should have a CSS discussion channel. A quick search landed me on

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What's your css question @U012MJU8XNU?

Mr. Savy00:01:30

@U01HMCQMBKP I'm trying to understand how overflow works. Right now, I have some content whose overflow is registered to the body , but I would like for it to be registered to the root div if possible. The content that causes the overflow is inside the outer box div. ex:


I think moving your overflow: scroll attr from the body element to the outerbox div would probably do the trick, but its hard to say without a visual example. If you could put it into a codepen or something then that would make it easier to debug.


I dont think you'd need an overflow property on the root element unless your whole app is going to be rendered at a fixed height and width.


The CSS Tricks blog is a great resource btw:

Mr. Savy02:01:33

I was actually just looking at that article. I don't have a scroll overflow attached to the body. Here should be an approximate example of the code I'm working with


Alright, I think this is what you’re trying to do: Check out line 59 in the CSS. Given that you were using the overflow-wrap property, I might have misunderstood what your issue is, seeing as that prop looks like it’s used for controlling text wrapping as opposed to general element overflow, but at any rate, hope this helps!