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Is it possible to call cljs from js in javascript project? If it is possible, it may be able to apply architectural patterns in React Native use MVVM/MVC.  View modules are represented in javascript, internal mechanisms are represented in cljs.


Thanks for your reply. I would call cljs from js. There is an example, if the example can be replaced with cljs, that would be perfect “


I have 0 experience with cljs and am relatively new to clojure, but the last line of the section I sent you says “You can also write functions in ClojureScript and call them from JavaScript.” It doesn’t specify how though.


Datascipt is a beautiful project, thanks for you help.


no worries 🙂


if symbol is exported in cljs, it can then be called from js using global variables: In case of using shadow-cljs to compile cljs, import in js can be used (no export needed):

Jacob Emcken02:07:04

I'm used to a workflow form Clojure where I edit my namespace and then the use C-c C-c in Emacs to "Eval top form". I'm looking for something similar for ClojureScript frontend development where I can pin point what I want re-evaluated without having to save the file. Is that possible?