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@mario.cordova.862 I would ask under #reagent . My 2 cents is that adding a jquery widget onto a component lifecycle fn complicates things. Have you considered using a react-compatible input mask like ?

Mario C.01:03:18

Yea I saw that but I'm trying to make a fix without changing too much. But I was able to figure out how to apply the inputmask on the component.

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Vishal Gautam17:03:54

does anyone know how to do no hash routing with reitit on clojurescript apps


I think it is turned on with this flag (useFragment), so you can just set it to false:

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This assumes your webserver is set up correctly to handle this type of routing

Vishal Gautam18:03:42

@U08JKUHA9 thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚

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Im trying to write some sane tests for my application that runs on nodejs. I am using promises heavily. What kind of testing libraries do you use? I am currently using cljs.test with the async-macro but would like to know if there are "nicer" options.


i don't like the vanilla cljs.test async provisions much, and i also have async clj/cljc code i wanted to test, so i hacked together something promise-based i could use on both clj and cljs:


it leads to promise-based tests like this which run on both clj and cljs


but the messing with the threadBindingFrames - to make it work with clojure.test - yeuch :face_vomiting:

souenzzo23:03:44 has a cool async lib that I cant remember the name.