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Hi I'm very new with clojurescript I download a website template and put it in the resource directory and now after lein trampoline run -m figwheel.main -b dev -r I can see the template in the browser but the repl won't work anymore, however, the only change is in the resources I also don't get any warning or exception Do you have any idea about the possible reasons? (The figwheel logs stop just before print clojurescript version)


The CLJS REPL requires the website to start its REPL server (it runs in the browser). That's done by the javascript loaded on the page. Is your template a general one or a CLJS-specific?

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The problem was in js files. Thanks for answering ^_^

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Binita Bharati09:02:59

Hello, I am trying to use from my Clojurescript code. But, the build with shadow-cljs is failing with this error : [:frontend] Compiling ... [:frontend] Build failure: The required namespace "" is not available, it was required by "bharati/binita/frontend/demo3/main.cljs". "clojure/data/json.clj" was found on the classpath. Should this be a .cljs file? Can not I use normal .clj files from .cljs code ? Thanks!


@binita.bharati no, you can not. data.json is purely CLJ

Binita Bharati09:02:33

@thheller - Ah, I see. Just wondering how does the user of a library know if any library is CLJS compatible or not ? (i.e unless the library documentation itself says so ? ) Like, other than using reagent, this is the first time, I am trying to use other libs from clojars. Thanks.


another way is to check if in the source code there are .cljs or .cljc files. If there are only .clj files there no clojurescript support


yeah docs are pretty much the only way to tell


hello people, I am very new to cljs world and right now I am writing a library to be used in both clojure and clojurescript. I have one feature that uses the local-storage when running on cljs, what is the best approach to test these kind of feature?


All I read on the web seems to be targeting web-apps


Hello, I'm having a hard time googling this, what does reagent do when you put :<> in the head of a vector?


thanks 🙂