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Yosevu Kilonzo14:12:45

Hello! Did anyone take the State of JavaScript 2019 Survey? Here are the results for Flavors of JavaScript: And ClojureScript:


Yup, took the survey. CLJS is quite a niche. But I like it cozy. Overall people's happiness around JS, inclding CLJS has been going down slightly.

Yosevu Kilonzo15:12:59

Yeah, I took it too @beders. It's not surprising about CLJS in the wider JavaScript world, but less than 1000 CLJS users took the survey and there definitely has to be more than that based on the members in this channel. I want to know what they think! I guess there should be a State of ClojureScript too. 😄

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:47

well, there is a State of Clojure, which includes ClojureScript

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:03

I'll be putting that out again in January

Yosevu Kilonzo15:12:22

So you take survey for the previous year at the beginning of the new year?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:44

no, those are the results from last year as an example

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:12:57

have been doing this since 2010

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Hello. I have some cljs+cljc utils namespaces, which are used in some of my projects. Now I'm ready to push them on github as a separate library and have a dependency on it in all my current and future projects. But how should I implement it better? Should I create a full figwheel project with index.html and other files - for developing and testing it independently like a real project? Or should I create just folders structure with my files only, in order to reduce transitive dependencies when it will included in a project? But how to continue developing it in this case? Create another figwheel separate project for developing only?


For now it seems that the easiest way is to create just raw files without any project.clj and use them not as a library or dependency but as a git submodule in all projects.


Just my 5c on submodules - consider using So much better.


Thanks, I'l check it!