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what’s the most pleasant environment for developing cljs, with code completion and go-to-definition.


@thheller i am using shadow, for (ns app.main (:require [“md5” :as md5] [“fs” :as fs])) (println (md5 “text”)) (fs/readFileSync “deps.den” “utf8”)


cursive won’t complete on fs/r


yeah JS deps are not supported


don't think anything supports that


so one has to remember all the functions and constantly check the api reference. that is a little complicated.


I didn't try it, but emacs has plugin for that:


Is there a recommended way to persist data locally in an electron app with ClojureScript? So far I could not find an embedded database running on node (or something in this direction) which would be easy to use with ClojureScript. Is my best bet to write an NeDB wrapper?

Jett Durham18:08:14

I’m still a CLJS newbie, but I have some experience in vanilla Electron. I’d start by considering localStorage if you need a simple key-value store mostly accessed by the renderer. 🙂


I'm a newbie too so welcome in the club! 🙂 I considered localStorage but I believe that it is too limiting in expressiveness and possible size as the data which will be handled can grow every day by lots


There are for now only a few entities though so something rather simple but with less limits would be nice. I also consider IndexedDB or similar but I don't have any experience with it. Maybe Sqlite might be a safer bet?


Actually I just found which might fit my needs - I'll have to evaluate it. IndexedDB seems to be just what I'm looking for - I just have to figure out how to best talk to it