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I'v been learning clojure for a while, right now I want to learn clojurescript. Do you have any suggestion and recommendation for the books, or any other means ? 🙂

Dan Katz11:06:09

Hi all, I'm new to ClojureScript. I'm trying to find a simple guide for using a React Native Module (Android specific) in ClojureScript. Can anyone help?


how to access mongodb with cljs ?


You would usually use a JS library


@cloojure thanks, I'll check them out


I’ve seen this error a bit lately when using various cljs versions (even newer ones like 1.10.339). Specifically, this part:

Error: Cannot find module '@cljs-oss/module-deps'


Anyone have pointers one what the situation is here? It sounded like it was fixed in some earlier versions, and maybe came back later, and was fixed again, etc


I bumped from 1.10.339 to 1.10.516 and that was the only change I made and it was gone in a recent particular instance