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Any cool templates (or real projects) for cljs pure libraries (no webapps) with a great development/testing experience? I seek e.g. source-mapping and a test-on-save workflow which leverages the analyzer cache (my current test-on-save is quite dumb: git ls-files | grep clj | entr -s "clear; $(which lein) do clean, cljsbuild once test && clear && $(which node) target/out/tests.js") My cljs knowledge has rusted a little, but from memory, most stuff out there assumes a browser


:node-test target with :autorun true + shadow-cljs watch test. see


Thanks! Will try out.


Hi all! I have a question concerning the organisation of web-projects. Is it in clojure a convention to put the frontend and backend into one repository with shared src folder? If yes, what are the pros? Are there cons? (In comparison with 2 seperate repositories)


Assuming the backend speaks only or primarily to the frontend, keeping them in the same repo offers a number of benefits. One of my favorite being to keep the interface between the two in sync.


I understand. I believe there might be some advantage in keeping a shared spec for data conformity?


In a more complex site, there could also be arguments for keeping them separate. But I'd probably keep them together until those arguments became an issue.


Sounds reasonable. Thank you for your arguments and time!

Tom Le10:05:34

Is there any open-sourcing production written by cljs?


I don't understand the question

Tom Le03:05:20

I means I would like to find some projects that open-sourcing , for Example:


ok, I think you meant open-sourcing

Tom Le05:05:52

Yep sorry my typo


Umm... what sort of a crazy state must I be in if I'm seeing a "Compile Warning, can't take value of macro cljs.core/or" for this code?

(let [a 1 b 2]
  (cond (or a b)
        "why am i getting a warning here?"))


(of course, if I change that to (or 1 b) everything is inexplicably fine)


@bfay I think thats a known issue in figwheel? IIRC it was fixed but not sure if release yet


Oh, okay! I am using figwheel-main so that would make a lot of sense