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in lein-cljsbuild, how do I control where modules are loaded when doing code splitting? It seems to generate a file: URI pointing to the absolute path of the module js file on the jenkins machine doing the build


(let [m {:/ 0, :1 1, :2 2, :3 3, :4 4, :5 5, :6 6, :7 7}]
  (-> (clj->js m)
      (js->clj  :keywordize-keys true)
      (= m)))
=> true
(let [m {:/ 0, :1 1, :2 2, :3 3, :4 4, :5 5, :6 6, :7 7, :8 8}]
  (-> (clj->js m)
      (js->clj  :keywordize-keys true)
      (= m)))
=> false


:/ is not a valid keyword and neither are keywords starting with numbers


clojure.test.check.generators/keyword generates :/, though


> Per the symbol rules above, :/ and :/anything are not legal keywords.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:05:51

I'd consider that a bug in the generator


I have a patch for it -- wil you be posting in #announcements when the new JIRA is up?


We can't register/create issue yet, right?


Hello, is here any good datetime picker cljs lib that can be used with reagent? I googled some days and find only but it can pick only date, also I tried to use cljsjs/flatpickr lib but I have no experience with cljsjs libs =\.

Edrian Gomez23:05:59

Hi all, is anyone aware of any articles or videos which compare the production build sizes of cljs+react vs. react only? Curious to see how they compare as codebases gets larger


that’s going to depend. CLJS comes with a lot of features (an entire standard library, immutable data structures, etc.)


so it’s hard to compare “just” react to CLJS + React


I think I've seen the number 25kb for cljs itself.


It should be easy to create a small example of a hello world.